Rejuvenate Skin Story

Rejuvenate is based on values of trust, honesty and integrity. We are not just another company, we are a community and our ultimate purpose is to make your skin healthier and your hair stronger.

I wanted a brand that reflected exactly those values and one that encourages a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Rejuvenate is paraben free, sulphate free, cruelty-free and all our packaging is 100% recyclable.

After more than ten years, and still counting, of practising law and being an international human rights advocate, I wanted to empower people from a completely different angle. Self-care and skincare. Our skin is always one of our priorities and when we take care of our skin, we feel more confident and try to be healthier. 

I am always on the go and I have used many products in the past, however, I was not entirely happy given I was using so many. I could not seem to find one brand that included all the key ingredients in one bottle. Trying different products at different times also caused me to become inconsistent with my skincare routine. Further, the bad weather in some destinations, poor water conditions and constant travelling were really taking its toll on my skin and hair. I was in need of a huge boost.

That was when I started Rejuvenate, products based on ingredients that work best and more importantly, that is safe for all skin and hair types (the hair range will be launching early spring 2021). After many long days and nights, research and working with professionals, I finally launched Rejuvenate, products that actually work and a brand that is results-driven. Whether you are constantly travelling, always at the office or running around after your children, Rejuvenate is for you. 

I also passionately wanted to inform people on what goes in our products and to fully understand all the ingredients and their benefits. That is why we will highlight the ingredients we use and what they are there for. Do not get lost in translation when it comes to your skin and hair, otherwise you will lose out in the long-run. Every single ingredient is important to us.

People have enough worries and stress in their life to constantly worry about their skin and hair. We will take this pain-point off the list for you.

Rejuvenate Skin highly values you and we do want to hear from you. Tell us about your experiences. Get in touch and give us feedback, we strive to always be better. You can also tag #MyRejuvenateSkin.

Feel and see the difference with Rejuvenate. Enjoy and good luck!

Rejna Alaaldin, Founder/CEO